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Influencer Insights Newsletter #13

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  • Montana will ban TikTok 🚀

  • Pictory AI 👪

  • Influencer persona vs. real-life 📱

  • A quick reminder 💡

  • Meet this week’s brand: Peppertux Farms 🔥 

  • Meet this week’s influencer: Reginald 🔥

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 🛑 Montana wants to ban TikTok

Do you remember the TikTok ban alert newsletter?

Well, this happened a few days ago…

Montana has recently approved a bill to ban TikTok, with the legislation set to take effect on January 1st, 2024. This groundbreaking decision could potentially pave the way for other states to implement similar restrictions. If you haven't already, make sure to check out our newsletter, which offers valuable insights and guidance on how to adapt to these changes in the digital landscape. Read it here to stay informed and prepared for the shifting online environment.

Montana vs TikTok

🤖 Pictory AI

As an influencer, staying ahead of the game is essential, and AI technologies are transforming the way content creators work. One of the best tools out there is Pictory, which helps influencers create and edit high-quality videos with ease. With Pictory, you can turn a script or article into engaging video content, even without any design or editing experience.

Moreover, Pictory lets you craft shareable video highlight reels, automatically caption your videos, and summarize lengthy footage. This cloud-based tool is ideal for influencers, bloggers, and brands who want to captivate their audience and grow their online presence.

Check out this ad video that we created using Pictory AI:

Note: This video was created in 30 minutes. It is just a demo video.

Influencer persona vs. real-life persona

We know all of you get caught up in the influencer's life, trying to create content, engage with your followers, and collaborate with brands. But as you grow your influencer persona, it's important to remember to take care of yourself and maintain a healthy work-life balance. That's why we've put together these five tips for balancing your personal life with your influencer persona:

  1. Create separate social media accounts: Consider creating separate social media accounts for your personal life and your influencer persona. This can help you maintain a clear distinction between your personal and professional life and ensure that your followers and brands know what to expect from each account.

  2. Schedule time for work and personal life: Set clear boundaries for when you'll work on influencer-related tasks and when you'll focus on your personal life. This might mean scheduling time blocks for social media content creation, emails, and brand collaborations and setting aside specific days or times for non-work-related activities.

  3. Communicate your boundaries with brands and followers: Let brands and followers know your expectations and limitations. For example, if you don't work on weekends or evenings, communicate that to brands so they know when they can expect a response from you. Additionally, let your followers know if you'll be taking a break or going on vacation so they don't expect regular content during that time.

  4. Define your personal and professional values: Consider defining your personal and professional values and using those to guide your decision-making when it comes to your influencer persona. For example, if you value privacy in your personal life, you may decide to limit the personal information you share on your influencer accounts.

  5. Don't be afraid to say no: Finally, don't be afraid to say no to brand collaborations or requests that don't align with your personal or professional values or that would infringe on your personal time. Learning to say no is an important part of setting boundaries and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Do you find it difficult to balance your personal life and your influencer persona?

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💡 A quick reminder

Don’t forget the following strategies for creating memorable campaigns that resonate with your followers and drive engagement.

  1. Tailored and Engaging Content:

    Create high-quality, engaging content that resonates with your audience while showcasing the sponsored product or service. Tailor your content to your unique style and the preferences of your followers to maintain a consistent online presence.

    Use creative formats, such as stories, reels, or live sessions, to provide a dynamic and interactive experience for your followers while highlighting the benefits of the sponsored product or service.

  2. Clear Call-to-Action (CTA) and Value Proposition:

    A successful sponsored campaign should clearly communicate the value of the product or service to your audience. Provide a concise and compelling call-to-action that encourages your followers to take the desired action, such as visiting the brand's website, making a purchase, or signing up for a newsletter.

    Offer exclusive discounts, promo codes, or giveaways to increase the perceived value of your sponsored content and encourage your followers to engage with the campaign.

🔥 New brand on Social Cat

Introducing Peppertux Farms, a brand created for people who love eating by those who adore cooking. Their journey began with a Mediterranean adventure, which inspired them to return to their roots and create products that they're passionate about while delivering exceptional quality to your table.

Peppertux Farms is dedicated to offering unique and amazing flavors directly from the source, one jar or bottle at a time. With an unwavering focus on quality, they believe in staying close to nature and not cutting corners. This is why Peppertux Farms only manufactures products with two ingredients or less, striving to provide quality over quantity no matter what!

🔥 Influencer shoutout

Meet Reginald, a dynamic creator hailing from Philadelphia who has successfully completed over 50 collaborations and currently has more than 30 in progress. As a multi-faceted personality, he identifies as a #DogDad, #ITGuy, #Foodie, #Travel enthusiast, and #Collector. With an array of interests and a passion for collaborating with others, this creator brings a unique and diverse perspective to every project he undertakes.

Till next time. Keep up the good work!

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