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  • πŸ”” TikTok Ban Alert: Prepare Now | Anyone can become an influencer | Get your partnership right |New sections πŸ“š

πŸ”” TikTok Ban Alert: Prepare Now | Anyone can become an influencer | Get your partnership right |New sections πŸ“š

Influencer Insights Newsletter #9

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Over the past few weeks, we've been reimagining our newsletter to deliver greater value and deeper industry insights. Guided by your feedback, we're unveiling new sections and will soon feature contributions from some of you, our readers.

What sets this newsletter apart? Previously, our content leaned heavily on theoretical guidance, accompanied by occasional real-world examples. Now, we're committed to providing a richer experience with an emphasis on real-life scenarios, narratives, and practical recommendations.

What’s this newsletter all about?

  • Is TikTok going to be banned? If yes, do you have a backup plan?What do you think about it? πŸ“°

  • Do you know everything about influencer partnerships? Check it out!🀝

  • No matter what job you have, you can still be an influencer - check out Clarissa Rankin's story⭐

  • Check out OMFG-gummies, which joined us last week. πŸ‘

  • Meet @peedi_c, one of the influencers with more than 50 collabs on Social Cat πŸ”

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πŸ›‘Β What should you do if TikTok gets banned

We see much news where TikTok is facing a ban, especially in the US (example). Let’s say we face the scenario where TikTok gets banned, so what should you do as an influencer? We put together a couple of steps you should take:

  • Keep your cool and evaluate the situation. Get knowledgeable about the restriction, the justifications behind it, and any viable replacements or solutions.

  • Be in touch with your audience. Share the scenario with your fans, as well as your opinions and ideas about how you want to continue producing material

  • Make sure you have a copy of all of your TikTok videos because they may not be viewable if the app is shut down.

  • Have a presence on alternative social media channels like Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram to diversify your presence (Spotlight).

  • Cross-promote your new accounts by utilizing your current social media presence on websites like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook to do so.

  • Establish a mechanism for your followers to stay in touch with you outside of social media platforms by building an email list or a website.

  • Work together with other influencers: To increase your reach and reach new audiences, collaborate with influencers on other platforms.

  • Refine your content strategy: examine the user base and algorithm of your new platform and modify your content strategy as necessary.

  • Keep informed: In case the TikTok ban is lifted or reversed, keep an eye on the situation and be ready to return to the platform.

🚚 Drivers become social media influencers

Promoting the trucking industry to women and offering a peek into her life on the road, Clarissa Rankin has harnessed the potential of social media to advocate for the truck driving profession.

The enthusiastic driver is all about fostering a positive atmosphere and has gathered 1.8 million followers on TikTok (@clarissarankin). Her online presence even attracted Kelly Clarkson's attention, leading to an invitation to appear on Clarkson's daytime talk show.

With six years of driving experience, Rankin now serves as an owner-operator and part-time instructor. She leverages her influencer status to spread positivity and inspire others, particularly women in the trucking industry.
(Read the entire article here)

Do you think you know everything about influencer partnerships?

🀝 How to choose the best brand collaborations

  • Brand alignment: The companies you work with should share your beliefs and personal brand. It's crucial to pick companies that organically complement the content you produce and connect with your audience.

  • Audience demographics: Make sure the brand with which you associate is appropriate for your target market. Think about things like age, gender, locality, and interests. You want to collaborate with businesses your audience will find appealing and beneficial.

  • Compensation: Knowing what kind of compensation you may expect from a brand collaboration is crucial. While some companies may provide free goods or services, others may offer monetary compensation. Ensure that your revenue reflects the value you bring to the brand.

Ready to turn your passion into a career as an influencer? Join Social Cat and start collaborating with brands today.

πŸ“±Β Contacting companies to form collaborations

  • Examine the brand: Spend some time learning about a brand's offerings, benefits, and core principles before contacting them. This will enable you to decide if they complement your personal brand and target market.

  • Establish a personal connection: It's crucial to establish a personal connection with a brand when contacting them and demonstrating your sincere interest in their goods or services. Think about highlighting a particular product or campaign that you love and how it fits with your niche and beliefs.

  • Suggest your value: Your pitch should showcase the unique value you bring to the brand as an influencer. Think about including data on the demographics of your audience, engagement rates, and prior productive partnerships. Describe how your material can assist the brand in achieving its marketing objectives.

  • Discuss terms: Negotiating conditions and pay begins as soon as the brand expresses interest in working with you. While being receptive to their needs and limitations, be upfront about your expectations and what you can provide. Ensure that the agreement is accepted by all parties and that all terms have been agreed upon in writing. Read our article about contract template

πŸ…Β Making successful sponsored content

  • Be genuine. Authenticity is the secret to producing sponsored content that connects with your audience. Make sure the content feels natural and organic and is consistent with your personal brand and beliefs. Think about how you might make the brand's goods and services feel real and helpful to your audience by including them in your article.

  • Get imaginative: Sponsored content doesn't have to be dull or overtly promotional. In reality, some of the best-sponsored content engages the viewer, is amusing, and is unique. Think about utilizing various formats and methods, such as storytelling, instruction, or behind-the-scenes peeks.

  • Explain properly: It's crucial to disclose sponsored material to your audience appropriately. This can involve inserting a disclaimer in your article or video or using hashtags like #sponsored or #ad. In addition to being mandated by law, it fosters audience trust and openness.

  • Provide value: It's crucial to produce content that connects with your audience, but it's also crucial to add value for the company. Ensure the content promotes the product or service favorably and is consistent with the brand's marketing objectives and messaging.

πŸ”₯Β New brand on Social Cat

Omfg gummies is a family-owned business that produces its mushroom gummies and packaging in the U.S. Their focus is on wellness, and they are always on the lookout for scientifically-proven ingredients that are effective. They already had 20+ collaborations on Social Cat.

πŸ”₯ Influencer shoutout

Meet @peedi_c. She is an NJ creator who joined Social Cat almost a year ago. Peedi has over fifty 5⭐ reviews

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