✍️ How to write a script?

Influencer Insights Newsletter #61

Influencer Insights 61

Writing a script is an art form that combines storytelling, dialogue, and visual elements in a way that other writing simply doesn't. If you have never done a script before, we think you should try it at least once

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⚒️ Crafting your script

Creating a script that captures attention, connects emotionally, and offers a clear solution can transform your UGC ad from good to unforgettable. Here’s how to craft each segment:


What are hooks? Hooks are your first chance to grab a viewer’s attention. Think of them as the bait that lures people into your story. Why are they so important? Without a strong hook, viewers might click away before getting to the good stuff.

Examples of Effective Hooks:

  • Intriguing questions: “What if you could save an hour every day?”

  • Compelling visuals: A surprising image that creates curiosity.

  • Unexpected statements: “Here’s something you’ve never seen before!”

Identifying Pain Points:

How to find pain points: Start by asking yourself, what challenges or problems does your target audience face? Not sure? Consider surveys or social media polls to gather insights.

Tips for Emotional Connection:

  • Highlight common frustrations: Use language that resonates emotionally, like “tired of wasting time on...?”

  • Tell a relatable story: Show a short scenario where someone struggles without your product, then finds relief with it.

Presenting the solution:

Introducing your solution: Once you’ve set up the problem, it’s time to reveal your product or service as the hero. How does it ease the pain? Be clear and straightforward.

Showcasing benefits and features:

  • List the benefits: What can your product do for the customer? Maybe it saves time, cuts costs, or simply brings joy.

  • Demonstrate with examples: Use before-and-after scenarios or real-life testimonials to illustrate how effective your solution is.

✍️ Writing techniques and tips

Crafting a script involves more than just jotting down ideas—it's about making your words come to life. Here's how to enhance your scriptwriting with some essential techniques and tips:

Writing dialogue:

What makes dialogue work? Good dialogue sounds like a real conversation. It should flow naturally and reflect the characters' personalities and the script’s tone. Why does this matter? Because authentic dialogue keeps your audience engaged and believing in your characters.

Tips for engaging dialogue:

  • Keep it concise: Cut out unnecessary words and small talk unless it serves the character or story.

  • Use subtext: Not everything needs to be said outright. Sometimes what’s not said tells more.

  • Reflect personality: Make sure the dialogue fits the character’s background and current mood.

Visual storytelling:

Why visuals? Scripts aren’t just heard; they’re seen. Visual storytelling translates your words into powerful images. How can visuals enhance your script? They pull viewers deeper into the story, creating a more immersive experience.

Crafting visual scripts:

  • Describe key visuals: Clearly outline what viewers need to see, moment-to-moment.

  • Use dynamic scenes: Incorporate movement and changes in the scenery to keep the visuals interesting.

Pacing your script:

The rhythm of your script: Pacing is how fast or slow your story unfolds. Why is pacing important? It affects how viewers feel throughout the ad—whether they’re on the edge of their seats or slowly absorbing the details.

Pacing techniques:

  • Vary scene lengths: Mix longer, more detailed scenes with shorter, sharper ones to maintain interest.

  • Timing is key: Space out major revelations and climax points to build suspense and engagement.

Revision strategies:

Polishing your script: The first draft is just the beginning. Revising and refining are crucial to developing your script fully. Why revise? Even the best writers need to refine their work to make sure every element is perfect.

Effective revisions:

  • Seek feedback: Have others read your script and provide honest feedback.

  • Read aloud: Hearing your script spoken can highlight issues with dialogue or pacing that you might miss on paper.

  • Iterate: Don’t be afraid to make big changes if something isn’t working. It’s all part of the process.

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