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Influencer Insights Newsletter #52

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When you post on social media, you're doing more than just sharing a part of your day. Your words and pictures have the power to change how people think and feel about themselves. It's like you're setting an example every time you share something.

This power you have comes with a big responsibility. What you post can either make people feel good about themselves or leave them feeling like they're not good enough. It's important to keep things real and honest in what you share.

Remember, your influence isn't just about getting likes or followers. It's about how you touch people's lives through what you share. So, use your voice wisely and care about how it affects others.

Now, let’s dive into the important stuff.

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🥉Early stage influencers: Setting the foundation

If you're just starting out as an influencer, here's how to lay a strong foundation:

  • Be yourself: It's all about keeping it real. Show the real you in your posts, because that's what makes you unique and helps you connect with others.

  • Share the full story: Don't just show the perfect moments. Let people see the hard work and challenges behind the scenes. It keeps things down-to-earth and helps everyone understand that it's not always easy.

What to ask in return:

  • Product exchange: In the early stages, receiving products in exchange for content can be a common form of compensation. Ensure the products align with your niche and are something your audience would appreciate.

  • Promotion on brand channels: Ask for the brand to feature your content or profile on their social media channels, website, or newsletters. This can help increase your visibility and grow your audience.

  • Experience opportunities: For local collaborations or events, ask for opportunities that can enrich your content, such as exclusive access to events, workshops, or behind-the-scenes experiences.

🥈 Mid-Level influencers: Navigating growth and expectations

When you've reached that middle ground as an influencer, here's how to keep growing the right way:

  • Keep it balanced: Your influence is getting bigger, and so will the offers for sponsorships. Remember to mix those sponsored posts with real stories from your life. Stay true to what you believe in.

  • Talk and listen: Really chat with your followers. Answer their questions, share tips, and listen to their stories. It's not just about numbers; it's about building a community that supports each other.

What to ask in return:

  • Monetary compensation: At this stage, influencers should start to seek monetary compensation for their collaborations, in addition to product exchanges or other benefits. The rate can vary based on the scope of the collaboration, content creation efforts, and the engagement rate of your audience.

  • Long-term partnerships: Look for opportunities to establish long-term relationships with brands, which can provide more stability and ongoing income. Negotiate terms that include regular content creation over a set period.

  • Creative control: Ensure you have a say in how the brand is presented in your content. Having creative control helps maintain authenticity and keeps your content in line with your audience's expectations.

🥇 Established Influencers: Leading by example

  • Influence with purpose: At this stage, your platform has significant reach. Use it to challenge unrealistic norms and promote diverse, inclusive, and realistic content.

  • Mentorship and advocacy: Consider mentoring emerging influencers on the importance of authenticity and realism. Advocate for transparency and honesty within the influencer community.

What to ask in return:

  • Higher compensation packages: Established influencers can command higher rates due to their extensive reach and proven impact. These packages can include a mix of monetary compensation, profit sharing, and bonuses based on campaign performance.

  • Creative projects: Request involvement in more significant, creative projects like co-designing a product line, creating a capsule collection, or being part of a brand's creative advisory board. These opportunities can provide not only financial benefits but also personal brand growth and diversification.

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🔥 Influencer shoutout

Steph, the voice behind foodfanatic_mcr, is a Manchester-based influencer focusing on food, lifestyle, and motherhood. With over 200 posts, she has captivated nearly 7,000 followers with her vibrant content that spans delicious culinary explorations, lifestyle tips, and heartwarming moments as a mom to Ellis. At 28, her creative flair and genuine storytelling make her a go-to source for those seeking inspiration in everyday life.

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