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Influencer Insights Newsletter #64

Influencer Insights 64

A few days ago, we launched an exciting new tool designed for you. This tool not only helps you present yourself professionally to anyone visiting your profile but also serves as a comprehensive portfolio for potential brand partnerships.

Let's take a closer look:

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Have you ever felt limited by the basic link in bio tools out there?

Unlike other tools that just let you add a few links, we offer a whole new level of customization:


Our tool isn’t just about adding links; it’s about creating a dynamic and engaging profile that truly represents you. Here’s what else you can add:

  • Social Cat profile

  • Rates card

  • Verified metrics

  • Brand partners

Social Cat profile

This section is all about showcasing who you are and what you do. Here’s what you can include:

  • Name and trophies: Highlighting your achievements is a fantastic way to build credibility and showcase your expertise. Whether it's awards, recognitions, or significant milestones, this section lets your accomplishments speak for themselves.

  • Personal details: Sharing details like your age, gender, ethnicity, pet, and location helps create a personal connection with your audience. It humanizes your profile, making it easier for followers and brands to relate to you.

  • Reviews and socials: Including reviews and social media links provides social proof. Positive reviews grow your reputation, and having your social links all in one place makes it easy for visitors to follow and engage with you on multiple platforms.

  • Collaborations: Showcasing your past collaborations can attract potential brand partners. It demonstrates your experience and the quality of work you’ve delivered for other brands, making you a more attractive candidate for future projects.

  • Niches: Clearly defining your niches helps brands and followers understand your areas of expertise. Whether you specialize in fashion, fitness, travel, or any other field, this section highlights where you truly excel.

  • Media: Displaying your best photos and videos is essential for visual appeal. High-quality media content not only captures attention but also illustrates your skills in content creation, photography, and videography.

Rates Card

Your rates card is crucial for letting potential clients know what to expect. It covers:

  • Content creation rates: Detail what you charge for creating content.

  • Promotion rates: Specify your rates for promoting products.

By including a well-defined Rates Card, you not only present yourself as a professional but also make it easier for potential clients to budget for your services. This section helps streamline the decision-making process for brands and can lead to more successful collaborations.

Verified metrics

Metrics are essential for credibility, and we’ve got you covered with integrations for both Facebook and TikTok. Here’s what you can display:

Why is this Helpful?

  • Build trust: Verified metrics provide undeniable proof of your social media performance, making it easier for potential clients and brands to trust your influence and reach.

  • Demonstrate value: By showcasing detailed metrics, you can clearly demonstrate the value you bring to potential collaborations. Brands can see exactly how well your content performs and how engaged your audience is.

  • Professionalism: Having verified data from both Facebook and TikTok integrations shows that you take your role as a creator seriously. It positions you as a professional who understands the importance of metrics and transparency.

  • Competitive advantage: In a crowded market, verified metrics can set you apart from other creators. Brands looking for reliable partners will appreciate the clear, authenticated data you provide.

  • Streamline decisions: Brands can quickly assess your suitability for their campaigns based on concrete data, making the decision-making process faster and more efficient.

Brand partnerships

If you’ve worked with well-known brands, this is your chance to brag a bit. Highlighting your brand partners can build trust and attract more opportunities.

Your All-in-One media kit

With all these features, our link in bio tool doesn’t just stop at being a simple link aggregator. It effectively becomes your professional media kit. Promote yourself like a pro without the hassle of putting together a separate media kit. It’s all right there, easy to access and beautifully organized.

 🔥 Influencer shoutout

Kelly, known as 'lihueyyy' on Instagram, is an Adelaide-based personal blogger with nearly 10,000 followers. She shares authentic glimpses of her life, blending personal experiences with Australian lifestyle elements. Engaging and relatable, her content creates a strong sense of community among her audience.

🔥 New brand on Social Cat

Love & Pebble emerged from personal necessity and innovation. The founder, struggling with acne and limited resources, crafted effective skincare recipes using simple, natural ingredients. Collaborating with her pharmaceutical expert husband, she launched Beauty Pops in 2021 after two years of research. The product went viral on TikTok and was featured on the Today Show. Love & Pebble is dedicated to offering affordable, ethically made skincare with minimal, nature-based ingredients, inspired by the founder's journey and a commitment to improving others' skin health.

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