Golden Circle Framework for Influencers

Influencer Insights Newsletter #70

Influencer Insights the 70th edition

What is the Golden Circle?

Introduced by Simon Sinek in his groundbreaking book "Start With Why," the Golden Circle is a powerful framework designed to help you clarify your purpose and enhance your communication. By focusing on the core question of "Why" before delving into "How" and "What," you can foster deeper connections and build a more loyal following.

Why should influencers care?

The purpose of the Golden Circle model is to help influencers articulate the fundamental reason behind their content creation. This clarity not only enhances your message but also resonates on a more profound level with your audience. When your followers understand your "Why," they're more likely to connect with your mission and become loyal supporters.

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Let’s better understand the Golden Circle concept.

Explanation of the three sections: Why, How, and What


  • Definition: The core belief or mission behind the influencer's content creation. It answers: "Why does this influencer create content?"

  • Importance: Clarifying the 'why' helps build an emotional connection with followers, creating loyalty and trust.

  • Example: An influencer focused on sustainable living might have a 'why' centered around promoting eco-friendly practices to inspire a healthier planet.


  • Definition: The unique process or approach the influencer takes to deliver their message. It answers: "How does this influencer fulfill their mission?"

  • Importance: The 'how' distinguishes the influencer from others by showcasing their unique style or methodology.

  • Example: The sustainable living influencer might share DIY tutorials, product reviews, and daily eco-friendly tips.


  • Definition: The tangible content the influencer produces. It answers: "What does this influencer create?"

  • Importance: While the 'what' is crucial, it is most effective when it clearly supports the 'why' and 'how.'

  • Example: The influencer's 'what' includes videos, blog posts, and social media updates focused on sustainability.

Applying the Golden circle to micro-influencers

Emotional connection

  • Method: By starting with 'why', micro-influencers can forge deeper emotional connections with their audience, fostering a sense of community and shared values.

  • Example: A fitness micro-influencer might articulate their 'why' as helping others achieve their health goals because they personally experienced the transformative power of fitness.

Building brand loyalty

  • Method: Clearly communicating 'why' can turn followers into loyal fans who are passionate about the influencer's mission.

  • Example: The fitness influencer's followers might feel more connected and committed to the influencer because they share similar fitness goals and values.


  • Method: In a crowded digital space, a compelling 'why' sets a micro-influencer apart and gives them a competitive edge.

  • Example: Among many fitness influencers, the one who emphasizes mental well-being and self-love as part of their fitness journey stands out.

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