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Influencer Insights Newsletter #27 | 5 ideas to inspire your next campaign | that 10 Tools every creator should be using

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💡 5 ideas to inspire your next campaign

  1. Subaru’s #MeetAnOwner campaign: Subaru used YouTube influencer Devin Graham, who has nearly 5 million subscribers, to showcase the new Impreza in various locations. He posted an exhilarating video of a slip and slide adventure involving parachutes and a cliff, focusing on the emotional thrill rather than car specifics. The key takeaway is that influencer content should concentrate on creating emotional connections, reflecting the industry's long-standing tradition of emotional car advertising.

  2. Swisspers: Swisspers, a U.S. Cotton brand, capitalized on an existing trend by encouraging beauty bloggers and their followers to post makeup-free selfies for a “Sleep Naked” sweepstakes. The campaign leveraged the popularity of celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Taylor Swift who had already posted similar selfies. The important point to note is that as an influencer, you can effectively capitalize on ongoing social media trends, enabling you to create content that feels fresh and genuine without appearing overly self-promotional.

  3. Sun Peaks Resort: A ski resort in British Columbia, Sun Peaks collaborated with Canada's top adventure photographer and Instagram influencer, Callum Snape. The campaign aimed at adventure-seekers from the Pacific Northwest, and focused on the resort's attractions, including crowd-free ski runs and breathtaking natural beauty. Through engaging Instagram stories and Facebook videos, the campaign resulted in 200,000+ article views of three minutes or more. The insight here is that as an influencer, partnering with smaller brands can allow you to leverage your unique voice and audience engagement as a competitive advantage, positioning yourself as a distinctive choice compared to larger, mainstream influencers.

  4. Marriott: In celebrating its one millionth app check-in, Marriott partnered with YouTube influencer Jeana Smith. The resulting video featured a surprise dance party for the milestone user and has nearly four million views. The crucial insight here is to allow your distinct creativity to flourish in sponsored content. Your unique personality and style of content is what resonates with your followers. As an influencer, you should emphasize this point when collaborating with brands.

  5. Lagavulin: Lagavulin, a whisky brand, featured actor and comedian Nick Offerman in a 45-minute video where he quietly enjoys a glass of whisky by a fire. The video's uniqueness and Offerman's persona perfectly aligned with the brand, creating a memorable experience for viewers. The key insight here is to seek collaborations with brands that align with your values and create content that stands out, providing your followers with an unforgettable experience. As an influencer, it's important to maintain this authenticity and uniqueness in your brand partnerships.

You can check more ideas here (credit Travel mindset)

Twitter is changing its logo

Tesla CEO Elon Musk shared a photo of a new "X" logo projected on Twitter's headquarters. The logo was suggested by Sawyer Merritt, co-founder of a sustainable clothing business, who previously used it for a now-discontinued podcast.

 🔥 New brand on Social Cat

SolidiTea is an herbal tea brand that seamlessly combines ancient herbal wisdom with modern wellness. They use high-quality natural ingredients to create uniquely flavored teas with numerous health benefits, such as stress relief, digestive aid, and immune system boost. They are dedicated to fostering a healthy community and promoting good habits. Whether you're an experienced tea enthusiast or a newcomer, SolidiTea invites you to discover the healing power of plants and enjoy a tasteful journey to wellbeing.

🔥 Influencer shoutout

Natalie Alexandra, is a prominent lifestyle influencer. With nearly 40000 followers on TikTok and over 1,600 on Instagram, Natalie captivates audiences by sharing engaging content about her day-to-day life. She has a record of over 30 successful collaborations and consistently receives 5-star reviews, indicating a high level of professionalism and effectiveness in brand partnerships. Natalie's vibrant presence and widespread influence make her an ideal collaborator for brands looking to connect with authentic and engaging audiences.


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