📷 Choosing the right place for shooting your videos

Influencer Insights Newsletter #59

Influencer Insights 59

Ever felt stuck about where to film your videos because your current place doesn't seem right?

Let's find a solution to that.

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Get over your fears

Facing the reality that a less-than-ideal background is simply an excuse can be a game-changer for UGC creators, who should focus on authenticity over perfection. Emphasizing relatability and the genuine aspects of one's living space, regardless of its aesthetic, encourages a stronger connection with the audience.

Additionally, adopting a strategic approach by concentrating on well-chosen sections of a room for filming can effectively enhance the visual appeal of content without the need for an ideal setting.

Old but gold tricks

When setting up your filming space, natural lighting is key, so position yourself near a large or small window to leverage daylight. A clear, uncluttered wall near this light source ensures the viewer's focus remains on you. Adding a few carefully chosen decorative items, like mirrors or plants, can enhance the look without overwhelming the scene.

For different shots, a simple rearrangement can refresh the background. Utilizing photo boards or tiles for close-up product shots offers a professional finish, mimicking high-end surfaces at a fraction of the cost. This approach combines aesthetics with practicality, enabling creators to produce quality content in any setting.

Choose a different place to film

If you feel limited by your home environment for filming, consider alternative locations to add authenticity and diversity to your content. Filming in your car can provide excellent natural lighting and a genuine setting, particularly for platforms like TikTok.

Another option is to rent a more visually appealing space, such as an Airbnb, which can serve dual purposes: you create content, and the owners receive promotional material. Remember, the appearance of your home should not hinder your creativity; the key is to start and adapt as you go.

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Anastasia W, known as icy_feet on Instagram, is a digital creator and marketing specialist with a background as a licensed beauty professional. She focuses on collaborations, user-generated content, and content creation, particularly for events. Based in Las Vegas, NV, her profile showcases her professional skills and interests in the beauty and marketing industries.

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Groovy is a skincare brand founded by Elizabeth, a dermatology expert, dedicated to empowering women with targeted body care solutions. Committed to health and confidence, Groovy combines potent botanicals and scientific research, free from harmful chemicals, for radiant, comfortable skin.

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