Building authority and trust

Influencer Insights Newsletter #65

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Every day, growing your social media audience feels tougher: algorithms seem to work against you, there's an overload of information, and you lack support for your goals. So, what should you do?

Let us introduce you to a few steps on how to build authority and trust.

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1. Share your proven success

First things first, you’ve got to share your story. People love real experiences, so don’t hold back!

Focus on your real experiences

  • Have you achieved something awesome? Share it! Whether it's growing your business, mastering a skill, or overcoming a challenge, your journey is valuable.

  • What lessons did you learn? This advice is gold for your audience.

Provide practical insights

  • Turn your experiences into actionable advice. If you’ve found a strategy that works, break it down into easy steps for others to follow.

  • Ever tried something that didn’t work? Share that too! It’s just as important to know what to avoid.

What’s one experience you’ve had that others could learn from? Think about it and jot it down – it could be your next great piece of content!

2. Provide valuable content for free

Now, let’s talk about generosity. Yep, giving away valuable content for free. Sounds counterintuitive? It’s not!

Offer actionable content

  • Share tips, tricks, and how-tos that your audience can use right away. The more helpful you are, the more they’ll trust you.

  • Create content that solves problems. Think about the issues your audience faces and provide solutions.

Consistently deliver quality

  • Regularly post high-quality information. This builds your reputation as a reliable source.

  • Don’t hold back the good stuff! If you’re afraid of giving away too much, remember: the more you give, the more you get back in trust and loyalty.

What’s one piece of advice or a tip that has really helped you? Share it with your audience today! And also, share it with us. We would really want to know it.

3. Play the long game

Finally, let’s discuss patience. Building a loyal audience takes time, but it’s so worth it!

Delay monetization

  • Resist the urge to monetize too soon. Focus on growing and engaging your audience first.

  • When you do offer a product or service, your audience will be more likely to support you because they trust you.

Understand the need for patience

  • Long-term success requires consistent effort. Keep showing up, keep providing value, and your audience will grow.

  • Think of it like planting a tree. You water it, give it sunlight, and with time, it grows strong roots and bears fruit.

Question for you: Are you willing to play the long game? What’s one long-term goal you have for your social media presence?


Building authority and trust isn’t an overnight process, but it’s incredibly rewarding. By sharing your proven success, providing valuable content, and playing the long game, you’ll create a loyal and engaged audience that trusts and respects you.

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Taylor Allen, known as @ya_girl_taylor_allen, is a Detroit-based blogger with 28.1K followers and 2,307 posts. She shares insights about her life, highlighting her faith in Jesus, her marriage to Noah, and her role as a mother to Nella. Residing in Metro Detroit, Michigan, Taylor also focuses on Counseling Psychology.

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