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Influencer Insights Newsletter #36

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Social media is always changing. For influencers and businesses, it's important to keep up. As platforms update how they work and what users want changes, we need to tweak our approaches to stay relevant.

This guide gives straightforward advice on handling these shifts and making sure your posts get the attention they deserve. Check it out and get the best from your social media efforts, no matter the changes.

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💎 Stay informed


Regularly read updates from official social media platforms and trusted industry news sources.

Example: If Facebook announces a preference for video content, modify your strategy to incorporate more videos.

Webinars & workshops:

Attend sessions that discuss recent changes and their implications.

Example: After attending a seminar on Instagram's new features, implement them into your content strategy.

💬 Engage authentically

Quality over quantity

Instead of frequent posts, focus on creating meaningful and engaging content.

Example: Instead of posting five mediocre images a day, share one high-quality, well-researched infographic.


Respond to comments, engage in conversations, and encourage user-generated content.

Example: If a user comments on how much they love your product, reply thanking them and asking about their favorite feature.

This is an article we found on Linkedin.

🌈 Diversify your content


Test different types of content like videos, live streams, polls, or stories to see what resonates best with your audience.

Example: If you typically post photos, try a behind-the-scenes video of your team or an interactive poll about user preferences.

Analyze Performance

Use built-in analytics tools to understand which content types are favored by the algorithm.

Example: If analytics show your audience engages most with "how-to" videos, produce more of that content.

💵 Invest in paid strategies

Promoted content

As organic reach diminishes on many platforms, consider allocating a budget for promoted posts or ads.

Example: If your organic post about a new product receives good engagement, consider boosting it to reach a larger audience.


Use precise targeting to reach your desired audience and get better ROI.

Example: Create an ad campaign specifically for users aged 18-24, based on analytics showing they’re most interested in your new product.

🔄 Regularly review & adjust:

Monitor analytics:

Constantly review performance metrics to understand what’s working.

Example: If you notice a sudden spike in engagement every Wednesday, consider making that day a special content day.


Be prepared to adjust your strategy based on insights and any new algorithm changes.

Example: If your current strategy leans heavily on blog posts but videos show better engagement, pivot more towards video content production.

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