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👑Content is king

  • Quality over quantity: It's better to produce one excellent piece than ten mediocre ones.

  • Message matters: Ensure your content consistently delivers a clear, relevant message to your target audience.

 🎯Keep it concise

  • Brevity: The modern viewer values succinct content that doesn't compromise on information.

  • Cut the clutter: Trim any content that doesn't add value or serve a purpose.

🎣 The hook

  • Engaging intros: Your introduction should pique curiosity.

  • Promise value: Let viewers know they'll gain something by engaging with your content.

⏱️ The 10 second rule

  • Immediate impact: Your content's initial moments should be the most compelling.

  • Avoid slow starts: Dive into the core topic or theme right away.

🎁 Add value

  • Solve problems: Content that addresses and solves viewer problems tends to resonate.

  • Educate & inform: Offer insights, facts, or data not easily found elsewhere.

🤝 Humans connect with humans

  • Show authenticity: Genuine interactions foster trust and loyalty.

  • Personal touch: Sharing personal anecdotes or experiences can humanize your brand.

📈 Keep up with trends

  • Stay updated: Regularly check trending hashtags, topics, or challenges. (Be careful with hashtags)

  • Blend with brand: Integrate trends in a way that aligns with your brand message.

🎥 Production matters


  • Bright ideas: Good lighting, whether natural or artificial, can elevate your visuals.

  • Avoid shadows: Ensure your light source is positioned to minimize harsh shadows.


  • Crisp & clear: Invest in a quality microphone to ensure clear audio.

  • Minimize distractions: Background noise can be distracting, so try to minimize it.

🔡 Captions

  • Engagement boost: Captions can drastically improve engagement, especially on platforms with auto-play.

  • Accessibility: They make your content accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing community.

 🔥 New brand on Social Cat

Arwin Biochem is an international personal care brand that's deeply passionate about delivering top-tier, science-driven skincare. While they handle the formulation, design, and packaging entirely in Taiwan, their influence stretches worldwide. They stand out by offering products tailored for everyone, regardless of age or gender. The core of Arwin Biochem's philosophy? Beauty should be about empowerment and confidence, not concerns. They’re truly dedicated to helping individuals embrace their unique beauty and discover themselves.

🔥 Influencer shoutout

Sam Small is a digital creator who boasts a strong online presence with over 6,041 followers across 125 posts. It's clear he's carved out his own unique niche. Hailing from KCMO, Sam merges design with a laid-back vibe, labeling himself as a "designer & chiller". His content spans moods, fits, and life, offering a comprehensive glimpse into his world.

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