🔍 6 steps to pitching to brands

Influencer Insights Newsletter #24

Hi everyone! Today's 24th edition of Influencer Insights is all about pitching to brands. It is about taking the extra step to increase your chances of collaborating with a brand you like.

Pitching to brands

  • Research the brand 🔍

  • Develop your USP ❤️

  • Create a persuasive pitch 🎨

  • Use your media kit 🔥

  • Follow-up 👣

  • Prepare for negotiation 🤝

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🔍 Research the brand

The first step is understanding the brand you're pitching to. You should know their products or services, marketing strategies, brand values, and target audience. If they've worked with influencers before, learn about those collaborations. The goal is to tailor your pitch to align with their marketing objectives and brand identity.

Example: Let's say you're a fashion influencer who wishes to collaborate with a local boutique. Before reaching out, you examine their social media presence, audience engagement, and the kind of aesthetics they align with. You notice they recently launched a vintage collection that matches your unique style perfectly.

❤️ Develop your unique selling proposition (USP)

What sets you apart from other influencers in your niche? It could be your content style, your authentic engagement with your audience, unique experiences, or specialized knowledge. Clearly articulate your USP in your pitch.

Imagine you're a culinary influencer known for creating easy-to-follow, unique recipes using simple ingredients. Your USP lies in making gourmet cooking accessible to everyone.

🎨 Create a persuasive pitch

Your pitch should clearly convey who you are, what you do, and what you can offer. Highlight your achievements, your engagement rate, audience demographics, and how these align with the brand's goals.

Also, provide a brief idea of what a potential collaboration could look like, but leave it flexible enough to negotiate the details later. You could also consider providing some content ideas to help them visualize the potential partnership. The pitch should be concise, professional, and compelling.

Suppose you're a travel influencer targeting a collaboration with a hotel chain. You craft an email detailing your travel experience, your follower demographics (who are also keen travelers), and your idea of a series of posts showcasing your stay at their hotel to your followers. The posts would include room tours, local sightseeing tips, and reviews of their services.

🔥 Use your media kit

Your media kit should complement your pitch. It should include your bio, stats about your followers, engagement rates, content examples, previous successful campaigns, and testimonials, if possible.

Example: As a beauty influencer looking to work with a skincare brand, you prepare a media kit containing a brief bio, stats about your followers across various platforms, engagement rates, content samples, successful past campaigns, and testimonials. This helps provide a snapshot of your digital presence and influence.

👣 Follow-Up

Brands often receive numerous pitches, so following up can be crucial. If you haven't heard back after a week or two, send a polite follow-up email.

Assume you're a fitness influencer who has pitched to a health food brand but didn't get a response. After a couple of weeks, you send a polite follow-up email, reaffirming your interest in their products and your eagerness to explore a collaboration opportunity

🤝 Prepared for negotiation

If a brand is interested, they might want to negotiate rates, content, timelines, etc. Be prepared with a clear idea of your boundaries and what you're willing to negotiate.

For example: Let’s say you are a tech influencer, and a gadget company has shown interest in your pitch. They suggest a long-term partnership involving a series of videos about their product line. Although you're open to the idea, you are prepared to negotiate on rates, content ownership, timelines, and other specifics. You ensure that the collaboration terms are beneficial for both parties.

 🔥 New brand on Social Cat

The brand Hum Gummies emphasizes safety and efficacy of ingredients in their product formulation, strictly avoiding harmful additives such as artificial colors, preservatives, sweeteners, and high fructose corn syrup, among others. They pride themselves on their clinical approach to product development, ensuring that the dosages and types of nutrients and botanicals included in their products are scientifically studied for specific benefits. This is further supported by clinical research validating the efficacy of their products, as exemplified by their "Flatter Me", "Hair Strong Gummies", "Skin Squad Pre+Probiotic", and "Fan Club" lines, which have shown significant results in areas such as reduced bloating, improved hair strength and growth, decreased acne, and alleviated menopausal symptoms respectively

🔥 Influencer shoutout

Muajazmine is a licensed makeup artist and content creator specializing in beauty, cosmetics, and personal care. Drawing from her Dominican roots, she shares engaging makeup tutorials, product reviews, and style tips with her community of over 3,000 followers. Despite her busy schedule as a homeschooling mom, she actively fosters a sense of community through user-generated content.

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