🤑 5 ways to make more money as an influencer & The mindset you need to grow your account 🧠

Influencer Insights Newsletter #28 | 🤑 5 ways to make more money as an influencer & The mindset you need to grow your account 🧠

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Undoubtedly, strategies for revenue growth and account expansion have crossed your mind. Today, we delve into five innovative income-boosting methods and uncover how the right mindset can be a powerful catalyst in propelling your social media account to greater heights.

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🤑 5 ways to make more money as an influencer

  • Virtual experiences: Influencers could leverage virtual reality or augmented reality technology to create unique, immersive experiences for their followers. For example, an influencer with a love for abandoned places could offer virtual tours of historic abandoned sites, charging a fee for these digital experiences.

  • Influencer-led classes or workshops: Influencers with a specific skill or knowledge can create online classes or workshops to teach their followers. A cooking influencer could run a fermented foods workshop, or a makeup artist could offer Halloween-themed makeup classes.

  • Digital asset creation: Influencers can create and sell digital assets like Lightroom presets, Canva templates, or Procreate brushes. This income stream would be particularly applicable for influencers in the photography, design, or digital art space.

  • Rent-an-influencer: Offering the opportunity to "rent" the influencer's time. This could be for a variety of services such as personal shopping, a one-on-one virtual chat, or personalized advice.

  • Niche product sales: An influencer could tap into a unique interest or hobby and create a niche product line. For instance, an influencer with a passion for entomology (the study of insects) could design and sell unique insect-themed jewelry or clothing. Their dedicated following, intrigued by the influencer's unusual interest, may be eager to purchase these unique products.

🧠 The mindset you need to grow your account 🧠

 🔥 New brand on Social Cat

Introducing The Wax Shed, a unique brand based in the charming coastal town of Whitehaven, Cumbria, and brought to life by the dynamic mother-daughter team of Janice and Sarah. Born in 2012, and revitalized in 2016 with a new name and a fresh aesthetic, The Wax Shed specializes in crafting diverse, fragrant wax melts. Utilizing years of knowledge and experience, each product is a careful blend of quality, personal touch, and the essence of Cumbrian charm. The Wax Shed's aim is to provide more than just wax melts - they offer aromatic experiences that will delight your senses.

🔥 Influencer shoutout

RJ Monica is a dynamic digital creator and influencer based in Chennai and Texas. With over 4,000 followers, she shares her global travel and lifestyle adventures, showcasing food, beauty, and Instagram tips. Her content, from India to Mexico, brings a fun and feel-good vibe. Her Instagram feed caters to those seeking travel inspiration or lifestyle tips. Always open to collaborations, RJ Monica is impacting the world one post at a time.


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